Monday, September 19, 2011

A Trip to Omaha

We left early and knew it would take many hours of driving before we got there.  My husband, Barry, did most of the driving and I was left to fill my eyes with the countryside, the grass, the pink flowers in the median and the yellow blooms on both sides of us.

I had put my annual plants in the middle of the kitchen so they would stay moist for the three days of the show while we would be away. It really worked and I found them when I got back happily blooming for my enjoyment.

On the way back we stayed for awhile at a great rest stop where we could see all the landscape reflected in the pond with a steel sculpture resting above the water to catch the wind.


Our shadow was reflected on the grass while all around berries hung from the trees and stood against the sky.

The sky scape was quite exciting and I photographed it driving from the van.

Back here in Colorado, I went right back to work to fill the many orders and start my own creations.

The weather was gray and rainy and great for the garden but not so for many creeks that got flooded as were many intersections.

I made a few new necklaces that I love as you can see in these images. They were inspired by all the flowers I saw on the way to Omaha and they speak to my soul.

For additional pieces please visit my website.

This piece is "Crystal Pink Persuasion"

It is a lovely pastel necklace of fresh water pearls, new jade beads and shell flower petals is completed with dangling crystals.  Let it be you!

(17" necklace with pendant size of 3 3/4" h by 1 1/2" w including the dangles) 

Price is $140 + Shipping $7 (and tax if shipping to Colorado)


The following piece is "Blue on Blue"

Blues dominate this simple yet elegant necklace comprised of dyed shell flower petals, complex beading and a complement of attractive glass beads.

(17” necklace with pendant measuring about 3” high by 3” wide)

Price is $140 + Shipping $7 (and tax if shipping to Colorado) 


Copyright 2011 Micheline Brierre


  1. Michelle Montpeirous wrote: "Je te félicite Micheline pour ton nouveau blog. Je me suis bien balladee au milieu de tes créations merveilleuses et de magnifiques photographies, qui m'ont permis de bien me pénétrer, de ce que j'allais découvrir. Compliments! Tout ce que mes yeux pouvaient voir et admirer!..."

  2. Dear Micheline,

    You manage to find the beauty in everything and translate it into the most artistic jewelry. Thanks for sharing your travel adventures and photos. How clever the photo of your's and Barry's shadow! Regards to him. You both take care.