Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Latest Shows

Now that I can rest from the excitement and work of the latest shows I look back at some of them and relive the not so far past.

It was fun and busy but also a chance to relive this work intensive time.

Here is some of what I wrote then.

I have been very busy the last weeks working like crazy to get enough jewelry for all the shows I was to do. My husband Barry took care of all the important household things plus all my reservations and bookings and invitations to give me time to work at jewelry. Often it is not the quantity of work that I need but rather specific colors or items that keep me so busy between shows.

So I did the show in Golden, a town that I love which is a suburb of Denver and is set in a downtown area which feels much like the country. It was good as usual.

My neighbor's booths and a view from inside my booth with a man looking at my artist statement on the wall on the left. I was surprised at how some guys read it and pay lots of attention to what I wrote. One of them was even in tears -- a real surprise.

At the Commonwheel show in Manitou I was too busy to be taking photos. It was great, intimate and a good occasion to see old friends and meet new ones. Good sales and a lot to replenish!!

Only three days later after morning to night work, we drove to Omaha NE and arrived at dusk and had a very short night to wake up at 4:30 am to set up the booth. It was intense. A lot of our old clients came and bought, as well as new faces that admired and acquired my work. Made me feel great.

At all the shows we sold a lot and reaped the benefit of so much work.
On our return drive, we stopped and looked at several rest stops, including the first photo of a shrine that I love to see behind my windows in the van. The glare of the glass shows through but you can appreciate the shrine which looks like a house for the fairies.

Also at the end, nearing the border of Colorado I shot the sun setting through the glass for a dramatic ending to our time on the road.

Regarding new work of  mine, here is one of my latest creations:

"Silver Folly"
This piece is all silver tone crystals, fresh water pearls and intricate bead work which frame a silver flower with a  two stranded necklace, glass and fresh water pearls.  It is 18" all around with pendant approximately 5"w x 2"h.This piece is an elegant neutral one that goes with so many outfits and that you could even wear with jeans to be an informal but elegant gal.

It is $320 plus tax (if in Colo) plus $7 shipping.  If you are interested in owning it click here or to contact me click here.  And feel free to look at my website here.

So it was a great season with lots to do and many happenings and now that fall is looming here it seems that my most creative time of the year has started.