Friday, May 13, 2011

The Life in The Studio

Sometimes when I go to my studio with fresh eyes, I see an organized mess of a huge quantity of beads living in what I call condos.  These are transparent plastic cups stacked one on top of the other by color; with each color group of cups taking an area of around a foot. More beads live in organizer boxes, translucent so I can see inside, and stacked on top of each other.  Of course each box holds one color and a big variety of beads made all over the world.


I was disappointed the last time I went shopping for beads not to see the African bead seller who in the past had sold me yellow beads with little stripes in red and green with some big holes and a string of straw that tied the whole thing together.  It made me more aware than ever of the presence of human hands in the process of getting beads to a buyer.  I loved the straw touch.

I have been working the whole winter on new pieces.  Some more elaborate than others.  I also expanded on a new line I created that holds three pendants at the base and is somewhat not as expensive compared to my all beaded pieces.
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The necklace is pewter with Carnelian beads along the neck part and a threesome pendant of natural quartz crystal in the middle, a carved leaf in redline marble, and on the other side a fire crackle agate.  It looks really great and is easy to wear.
 New Piece of Jewelry for Sale ... 

"Labradorite Shimmer"

It has a Rivoli vitrail crystal in the center surrounded with flowers and leaves. On the bottom is a Labradorite with exquisite shimmer of aqua and blue.  Having various colors it can be worn with a great variety of clothes.   Neck length is 18"; pendant itself is 1.5"w x 3"h.  It costs $95 and can be yours anytime.
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  One of my new paintings is also available for sale.  
It is called "Geranium and Lace"
I painted it in watermedia, a melange of watercolor and acrylic.  It measures 6x8 inches on heavy watercolor painting with four natural deckled edges worth saving by framing with the painting right on the mat board.  I have used a combination of luminescent copper and gold colors in the background. Colors that fascinate me as they express the joy of living.  Cost is $95.   Click here to purchase


Each day is a new day in my studio because we have been watching (with great delight) my daughter's cat Miso.  I had to relocate some orchids I grow from upstairs, to the window of my studio downstairs to make room for him to access the other windows above.  So now I have some greenery under the antique crystals in the painting part of my studio. It is a good addition and makes my soul sing.