Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Self and My Studio

I have been painting and drawing since I was a little girl.  This is a long time ago!  I find it so important to express myself in one of the mediums that I chose over the years.

When I lived in Lima, Peru, although I had been a painter all my life, I learned how to make metal jewelry.  I worked mostly in silver and did it for many years until once I went to Santa Fe and fell in love with the color possibilities of beading.

After I settled down here in Colorado Springs, I went to pay my water bill and discovered a little shop that sold beads.  They were having a course on beading and I signed up.  The lady told me it was $20 and I thought it would be twenty dollars per class, which sounded cheap, coming from a big city, Miami, after all.  I never heard from anyone in the shop for many months.  But one day, they gave me a call and the class was on. I was mistaken, though, as it turned out to be $20 for the whole course. Wow!

A great native American Indian bead artist showed us all the basics.  Most of the students were adults like me and Native American.  They called me the "tire lady" since my name was Micheline!  I learned with great difficulty to thread the very small eye of my needle but once done, I took off with it.  I applied my own taste, my love of colors, my knowledge of jewelry and before I knew it, my work was being worn by many women all across the country. Maybe the comment I receive the most from my clients is : "I get so many compliments when I wear your work!" It makes me strive to do always my best and only do what comes out of my heart and soul.

So here is one jewelry piece that I made with a great stone of dyed Jasper in shades of pink, the color of the day, with a few dangles and glass beads to match and a few pewter beads as well.  I finished it a month ago and no one has seen it yet..Well, my husband did. The stone was so wonderful that I kept the piece very simple to show it off.

"In the Pink"  (Sold)
(click to view larger)

The strung necklace portion is 19 inches long including the top arc of the pendant.  The pendant itself is 1.5" wide by 1.75" high, not including the dangles. This piece has been sold ... look for another new piece very soon!

My studio is a wild area with a set up for my paintings or drawings and one for my jewelry.  I often alternate using my beading or my painting and drawing station and then work on both mediums.  Recently I have been working on many Pen & Inks specially at night. I caught a wave of the medium which I have being doing on and off since a long time.  I guess I love the honesty and integrity of it.  Once I trace a line with my pen that is it ... It is there to stay.  Also, I love the fact that all I need is my pen and paper.  I love the its simplicity.

My Friends

Here is a Pen & Ink with a lot of what I love. I made it thinking of the Caribbean sea, textures, poppies and Egrets from the Everglades next to Miami where I lived many years. It is an original and is unframed. You can purchase it now. The measurements are 6" x 8." It is $95 plus tax (if in Colo) plus $6 shipping.  To buy it click here or to contact me click here.